We work in creative surroundings situated in Reykjavik, Iceland. Our believe is in great design, clever solutions and mutually respectful teamwork.

As often as needed, we engage with teams of expert professionals in supportive fields, such as copywriters, photographers, animation specialists,
expert printers and PR specialists. We share the enthusiasm needed to create successful visual communication.

Edda V. Sigurðardóttir
Creative Director

Edda has extensive international experience as a graphic designer in her native Iceland and in the US. She worked as a Creative Director at Mazer Creative Services servicing national clients such as Macmillan McGraw-Hill, Scott Foresman and National Geographic. Prior to that she worked as a Senior Designer and later as Design Manager at Houghton Mifflin Publishing in Boston.

Edda was educated as a graphic designer in Iceland and later gained an MA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University, NY

Edda is a respected and renowned graphic designer whose work has received awards both in the US and Iceland. She has built up a trusting relationship with her many clients, many of whom have followed her halfway across the world.

Kári M. Regal
Graphic Designer

Kári studied graphic design in Denmark for four years and graduated with an MA degree from The Danish Design School in Copenhagen. Kári had previously studied at the School of Multimedia in Reykjavik. He set course for studying graphic design as a youngster and looks forward every day to to working and creating with color, type faces and visual symbols. His approach to design is clever and creative, always discovering solutions that are right on the mark.

Kári has a deceptively quiet front but is brimful of humor and never ceases to amaze his coworkers with the positive and humorous attitude with which he approaches each new day. Kári is happily married and enjoys life with his wife, their 5 year old daughter and brand new identical twin boys.